Bespoke Vehicle Management System

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VMS technology created by the automotive experts for the industry leaders. A new multifuctional management user system, no delays, no waiting, all information, always live, at every point of the process.

Instant Access

Retail ready when you are, it’s as simple as that. Our system is compatible with any smart device which means we deliver to you images instantly, whether you want to check a photo on site on your phone or work from home, keep to your schedule.

Tailored to suit your needs

Creating a system with higher quality imagery is good for everyone, creating a bespoke system is innovate. Even with outstanding quality imagery, we all see things differently which is why at PJM we can create a system entirely based on a clients perspective and your objectives.

View, Manage, Amend your stock 24/7 & approve work remotely wherever you are.
All you need is the internet the smart choice is up to you.